Detection of ammonia and selected hydrocarbons, e.g.: methane, propane-butane
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  • On-line detection of gases through movement and background removing
  • Pre-processing by the low pass Gaussian filtering for noise reduction
  • Gaussian Mixture-based Background Segmentation – continuous on-line updating of reference frames
  • Simultaneous calculation of 3 measures for gas detection: Histogram Comparison using the Bhattacharyya Distance, Structural Similarity Index and Index of Images’ Difference
Temperature measurements in industrial environment using optical filters with different spectral characteristics
MWIR and LWIR image spectroscopy
Detection of objects in polluted and noisy industrial atmospheres
High sensitive spectral IR measurements for scientific and medical applications – new screening protocols
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Advanced Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) in the selected spectral IR subbands – new methods 2D Continuous Wavelet Transform, Thermal Impedance Method (Zth)

User-oriented software with optional functions on demand